Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yesterday my husband insisted that my daughter do something with her room. After much of the same "get in there now and do something" and my favorite "there will be no internet access" and the hour and a half of rolling the eyes back in her head she finally stood. Mind you after the first couple of hours I was very tired of the same thing over and over, so off to take a nap.A few hours later (no not when I woke up) my husband informed me that she actually had done something. Having heard this so many times in the past few years I did not get excited, and rightfully so. I walked to her room and to my amazement what I saw was beyond words. What she had done was pick up things (god only knows what) so the door could fully open and she vacuumed that very small area. As I stood there in total shock I looked at my husband and realized he was thrilled with what she had done. I told him he shouldn't be so pleased because obviously she thought we were so old that our vision was impaired to the point that we couldn't see past an arm's length in front of us. He was happy she had done anything, well so was I, amused but not excited. So tomorrow morning when she wakes she will look up to see her mother standing in the doorway looking through a pair of binoculars. " just thought I'd let you know I can come up with all kinds of vision aids to see past the doorway." So she'll once again roll her eyes back in her head.

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