Tuesday, April 19, 2011


First I would like to thank the readers for joining me in this adventure. It may be fun, at times disgusting,scarey but hopefully never boring.If it is PLEASE let me know. This is being done for my sanity and my house really needs to be cleaned. So enjoy the ride and maybe we'll all have a good time.


  1. WOW Sharon, I am so proud of you doing this. It is so crazy how we can put ourselves from just collecting a few things and then going insane with hoarding onto everything in our paths. I have been there my dear ole friend. When My mom was here last yr in May, she helped me go thru things. I had Nursing dresses from when I lived in Seattle in '89-93. And I never wore them again. So here I am in Nv, and last yr I let them go. I passed everything onto Women's Shelter's and the local thrift store that used the proceeds to help the kids with Big Brothers/sister Ass. That way I could use it as a big Tax credit!! I am now going thru books. Be proud and strong. Anything I can do let me now. I could send my son over there, because he really and truely loves to clean. Love me

  2. Oh yea Start small... by this I mean do 15-20 minutes of cleaning, then give yourself a break. Be proud for what you have done and soak in that, then do it again, maybe 1-4times in a day. See how you feel after each time. And you don't have to get rid of everything!! nor should you let anyone make you, BUT also remember "why am I wanting to keep this. Such as your kids school stuff (I did this and was so so bad) save some things especially report cards, special reports/awards and if you have cards. LATER, if you haven't done so, get some plain scrap books and make albumns for them. Also, FYI get every medical record you can on ALL your kids. I was really good doing this with Elisha, and it is coming in Very handy now, she's 33. wesley 29, Jeremiah 27. And Erin 14 (Elisha's daughter that I have been raising before her birth.) Take care.